My Journey

I want to thank God and the Lord Jesus Christ for using me to write such a great story. I was in the music business for twenty-six years and had only minor success and I retired from the business with the satisfaction that I gave it my best effort, but also a what if I would have made it sigh in my heart. I loved God and served him for many years, but nothing could prepare a person for something like this. The table cracking during the writing sessions reminded me of a teacher hitting the desk with a ruler to get the class to be quiet. Make no mistake about it the good Lord loved for me to sing to him the different gospel songs that I mentioned in the book and even some of my own songs from time to time but playing around and joking were not taken kindly of when it was time to go to work. I was disobedient one time during the process and I felt a burning pain in my foot after one of the writing sessions that I talked about in the God will not be mocked chapter of the book. The bottom line is we really are made in the image of God and we were intended to dwell with him on a daily basis. My point is that the veil was gone. That's how close we are to God. We think of God in some faraway place and he is, but he is also right beside us and he really wants to commune with us as a Savior who understands what we go through and feel. I want to thank everyone that helped me along the way especially my fiancée, Diamond. I also want to acknowledge my roots from southern Virginia to my current home in Fort Washington, MD. The events in my journey were incredible, but the main point was what my Savior Jesus Christ told me on the day he blessed me to have his spirit, "Tell my children to get right. I am coming back soon." Look at the events in the world now. Hey children of God, get right.

--Percy W. Jones III

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