My Life and My Country as I See It: A Journey Back in Time

Get ready for a wonderful story of realization and redemption.The author starts to tell his story from childhood into his late 60's. It seems to be a difficult process, as he made many mistakes along the way. He often resorted to an "I don't give a crap" attitude which started in his young life and built over time. His attitude caused him not to see how he was living his life or why it was causing him issues. The author's final understanding was that although he believed in God, he did not have God in his life. As he understood this and began to bring God into his life, things began to change for the better.As the author continued to process his life, he was presented with issues he didn't understand. He starts to research the history of mankind as we all began, up to the present. The presentation of this research is unique in that he offers it, as he sees it, in his opinion. The author also goes into the history of the United States and the issues plaguing the nation. However, he also offers solutions to the issues. He does so with an open mind, and without tunnel vision. And he invites you to do the same.

--Marc Edward Coustier

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