My Life with God

This book describes quite a few happenings throughout my life with my family and my companionship with God. From my youth of learning the lessons my mother taught me about God to knowing God today, I have also learned so much from many saints, clergy, and religious and inspirational people who kept me close to Him. What I have learned throughout the years, I want to share to anyone, and it is how God connects with us if we are willing to listen to Him. With our busy lives today, it seems harder to hear God than in the time of Christ because they didn’t have all the inventions we have today (TVs and technology) that keep us distracted from God, let alone our jobs and families. I found out that what’s really more important is keeping God first over anything else and that this message will bring many hearts closer to God to lead the life He wants us to live.

--Janet A. Nigro Post

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