My Life with Tourette's Syndrome: Just a “Tic” Away from Divine Intervention

This book was written to communicate to parents, teachers, and the public, especially those who have children or work with them, about a disorder known as Tourette's syndrome and the many symptoms that accompany this disorder. This book is about the life of a girl who suddenly developed symptoms of multiple tics. These included head jerking, eye blinking, throat clearing, humming, and grunting.She spent almost half of her life not knowing what she had and why she exhibited these tics. She was finally diagnosed at age twenty-seven after a kind Christian woman who saw for herself while sitting behind her in the pew of a church came up to her with information to share with her about her tics, and the name of a good neurologist who finally diagnosed her with what is now known as Tourette's syndrome. This changed the way she thought of herself because even though her symptoms didn't disappear, she now had something that had a name. It was a life-changing experience for her.Read about the unique and unforgettable experiences in her life as she was able to still live it with dignity and grace and went on to get married, have children, grandchildren, and some very faithful friends. Her tics still wax and wane throughout her life, but she is mainly plagued with the head tic. She was able to camouflage some of the other ones. This came with time and practice. Her unwavering faith in God was her anchor and divine intervention which carried her through each phase of her life and to whom she gives the glory to.

--Faith Stoddard

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