My Lil Purple Glittery Box

My Li’l Purple Glittery Box is the story of God’s Girl and her adventures with Jesus after sustaining her fourth traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident. The accident was career-ending and life-changing. Having to deal with the inability to comprehend a paragraph read to her, God’s Girl’s cries to the Lord were rewarded with adventures with the entire Trinity inside the glittery box. A morning of fear from the inability to focus was rewarded with the comfort of angels sitting high atop their puffy purple clouds serenading God’s Girl with symphonies of praises to God inside her li’l purple glittery box as she and Jesus sat hand in hand resting upon her li’l purple eyelet pillow.Days of neuro-occupational therapy and physical therapy were met with trips with Jesus inside my li’l purple glittery box to a frozen lake in Canada. Jesus and God’s Girl would sit in the middle of the frozen lake drinking hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and a cherry watching the polar bears dressed in scarves and multicolored winter hats twirl on one leg as they glided across the ice. Jesus always provides peace and rest in Him to God’s Girl. His adventures, comfort, and lessons in My Li’l Purple Glittery Box both healed God’s Girl and strengthened her faith. Sharing the adventures inside the box of comfort also provides the hope of the Lord to others. Regardless of what you are faced with, sit in His presence and talk with Him. Give Him every fear and care. Let Him transport you to a calming, restful place. He will comfort and heal. He will provide the most beautiful treasures each and every day just for you.

--Gods Girl