My Love Is Unconditional

Have you ever experienced love without conditions, where your lover yearns for moments when they can laugh, talk, and enjoy your closeness? Where they desire to give you the best of them. To show you a love that you have never experience because it’s different and uncommon yet amazing. To prove to you that love is never ending, because to them the love they have for you only gets deeper.

The kind of love that takes you back to when times were carefree, a love that’s gentle, kind, safe, not about them but about you, a love that is perfect. When you taste this love, you will want nothing else.This love has no ulterior motive because it’s pure.

This love will enable you to find your greatness and purpose of existing. It will allow you to be better and soar higher as you bask in absolute love.It’s the kind of love that has you struggling to find words to explain it.

This book will show you that unconditional love exists. Your wins or loses has no relevance on how the person of love feels about you. Despite anything you can think of, they love you. Period.

I want you to come along with me to discover more about this amazing person called love so their love can touch the deepest need in your heart.

--Heather Marie Edmund

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