My Path from Doormat to Dignity: A Personal Story

Although there are a number of good books on the market that address the topic of emotional abuse, My Path from Doormat to Dignity is unique. It is a personal and passionate story, born of pain, written by a recovering doormat (me) that learned her lessons the hard way. Using in-depth biblical analysis and personal journal entries, this book chronicles how, one by one, I unmasked the lies that fed my passivity and uncovered the truths that set me free.

Dignity is distinguished from pride, discernment from judgement, and forgiveness from reconciliation. Numerous biblical examples regarding how to be appropriately assertive are cited: Jesus, Paul, and Job in particular. Personal illustrations expose the red flags of emotional abuse, and the do's and don'ts of appropriate confrontation are addressed. Quotes from CS Lewis, Jane Austen, popular movies, and TV talk shows add relevancy, color, and depth. I write with the sincerest hope of coming alongside a fellow sufferer: someone who feels overwhelming fear and false guilt at the prospect of being assertive.

--Jane Bartelmes

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