My Path Of Faith: A Life’s Journey Learning How to See, Live and Love through Jesus’ Eyes

Have you ever felt like giving up? Abandoned, alone, or forgotten? Author, Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle, has lived through all of this and more. As Barbie walks through her journey in her Path of Faith, she will help anyone who finds themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation to see, just how they too, you can find the hope, peace, and love through Jesus as He has taught her over her lifetime.

As a survivor of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, Barbie's honesty and transparency in My Path of Faith will encourage and empower you in amazing ways. Barbie's life's journey is a testimony as to how the love of God, through a personal relationship with Jesus, will ensure victory and triumph in the darkest of circumstances.

Fighting for your life is never easy, but it is a fight worth waging when you realize whom God created you to be. Barbie claims "she is always first a child of God, then a wife, mother, and now founder of ‘My Hand in His Ministry,' which is being dedicated to restoring the broken."

Thru Jesus' love, He has it placed upon Barbie's heart that as every child of God reads My Path of Faith, you too will come to learn in your life:

• You are never alone;

• You are very much loved;

• How to see others through Jesus' eyes;

• How to forgive with a loving heart;

• How to live a Christ-filled life; and most of all

• How to unconditionally love all thru Jesus' eyes

Bonus reflection time:

At the end of each chapter, author, Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle, points out for you:

• Where was God in her Path of Faith;

• Scripture relating to the Chapter; and

• Praise to God for being in Her Path of Faith!

At this time, please reflect on your own life. - Can you see Him working in your life?

Buy this book now to stop feeling alone, unloved, abandoned, forgotten, or being abused. Read this book, and you will see you are never alone, and you are very much Loved!

To show you are never alone, feel free to share how My Path of Faith had an impact on your life with Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle.

--Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle