My Spiritual Journey: Night Club Manager, Orphanage Worker, Psychologist

Saturday night, music pumping, lights pulsating, the beautiful people of Honolulu, dancing thirty stories up at one of the hottest night spots in town, managed the last five years by Jeff Baird. The following Saturday, he was out of his suit, and working at the Hawaii State Mental Hospital as a nurse's aide. Back home to Seattle, with a graduate degree in hand, Jeff was ready to begin his new career in psychology. Three months later, he was in a Romanian orphanage for the next two years, working with severely underdeveloped children. In 2008, he opened a mental health clinic on what people could afford to pay, could he keep the lights on? When Jeff followed God's lead, it usually wasn't in the direction he thought, but the journey always brought peace and fulfillment.

All proceeds from this book will go to Affordable Counseling, a mental health clinic providing low cost therapy.

--Jeff Baird, Ph.D.