My Story His Glory: A memoir: The First Twenty-Five Years

From the very first page of My Story His Glory, readers quickly connect with the colorful characters of this engaging work by first time author, Gwen Lewis. We are quickly introduced to the main character of the story, a little girl born into poverty and inequality. We learn that she grew up during a time when all the social institutions were segregated, and Jim Crow laws prevailed. She is the ninth of ten children born to Ruth and Ab Mason. Demoralized by bigotry and hatred, her parents tried to instill a sense of pride and goodness into their children. Though neither of her parents were formally educated, they championed education as the vehicle to independence and a better way of life for their children.The book reveals intimate details about her impoverished home life in an honest, unpretentious way. Life was sometimes hard, but there were also times of contentment and joy. As we continue to follow her story, we also see ourselves in the struggles she faced when she eagerly left home for college. Choosing to attend the historic Tuskegee Institute located forty miles from where she grew up was a point of great pride for her.We witness the grace and goodness of God and how he never left her alone. It is interesting as well as inspiring to witness the love and compassion of God as he carried her when she didn’t even know he was there. Later she would learn to recognize his gentle hand. We laugh at her childhood antics, cry with her as she painfully recalls personal losses, and rejoice with her as she triumphs over her enemies! After reading My Story His Glory we walk away inspired, with a desire to know this ever-present God she affectionately calls Father.

--Gwen Lewis