My Tapestry Journey, Certainly Not an Accident!

Early aspirations of being an accomplished musician that I had held in my heart since childhood were not encouraged as academically attainable by those who would know. As a college freshman, I was told in no uncertain terms by the music faculty that I should just enjoy music as a hobby and reserve serious study for the gifted and talented. I was not at the advanced level required and should never have slipped through the cracks and been admitted that first semester. So why would I possibly persevere? It made no earthly sense!There came a point in my adult life when I suddenly realized that there were too many twists and turns, unrelated people, and life-changing events through the years to now be able to refer to them as “coincidences.”This surprising and extraordinary series of life events is chronicled in My Tapestry Journey, as it eventually led to the culmination of a major dramatic musical regarding Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation—only possible and explainable through God’s providence and amazing divine intervention.

--Marilyn L. Thompson

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