My Treasured Gifts from God

Poems contained within My Treasured Gifts from God have sprung from both the broken past that haunts me and the loving Father who comforts and guides me. Hope, joy, faith, love, and laughter all grow from the depths of pain, anger, disappointment, rejection, and abandonment. These are the two sides of the coin that is my life.

Depression and bipolar disorder have been my companions since diagnosed in 1997. Congenital heart disease and quadruple bypass surgery have added PTSD to the daily challenges I face. Knowing that two of four bypasses are already blocked keeps the promise of heaven constantly before me. Although, desiring to watch my two granddaughters grow up, I'm in no hurry to enter those gates!

God is continually revealing to me the depths of his caring watchfulness over my life...long before I asked him into my heart. It's a delightfully joyous discovery and I find myself desiring to shout from the rooftops, sharing this triumphant testimony of grace, mercy, and love. That shouting appears in my poems.

--Gail L. Stoltzfoos

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