My Two Katrinas

This book is about two devastating events that happened in my life in 2005. The first one was the loss of my youngest son. He left this life in a trucking accident. Most of his twenty-four years, he wanted to be a tractor trailer driver. Driving the big rig was all he wanted to do since he could walk and talk.

The second one is about the home we lost two months after the passing of Anthony. Hurricane Katrina came through the Gulf Coast and destroyed our home and everything we owned. We experienced life on the street for the next week. It is an ordeal that I never want to experience again. When I left New Orleans the only thing I had left was my purse and the clothes on my back. We lost everything.

I have recovered from most of the material things I lost. I was able to purchase them again. I have accepted the fact that God doesn't make mistakes and he knows what's best, but I have not totally recovered from the loss of my son. There are days that I'm totally fine. Then there are days that I feel the pain of the loss. My good days do outweigh my sad days, so I don't complain. It is God who has blessed me and brought me through and I'm grateful.

--Ms. Sarah Louise Smith

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