Nanosecond captures what the so-called present moment (now) means amid environmental issues (especially sound pollution), small talk, and language barrier. This novel basically broaches the potential era when man-made time might have been wholeheartedly rejected. That is to say, Nanosecond neatly frowns upon the new and popular idea that every moment is worth it or vital. Greer renders searching for an unpoetic, untouched ground zero where human imagination can finally be taken seriously. Just as every second matters, every month, year, and ten years matter collectively or categorically. Greer kindly discovers that the present moment is, of course, future material in terms of the past; past material in terms of the future.A simple play of words, this book somewhat mends the fringes of faith and culture. A sure voice for environmental reform, Greer does offer space for elementary self-reflection amid the formal informalities we put up with daily. The finishing quote from the Bible's book of Revelation seems to be the final pitch for legitimate mysticism, newfound "eye" communication, authentic beginning/end, etc...

--Douglas Greer

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