Netta Poo's Adventure With Insects

Netta Poo's Adventures with InsectsMary Foreman Goodson's own love of the environment and a passion for lifelong learning is at the heart of her desire to educate children through her book Netta Poo's Adventures with Insects. With a title inspired by her daughter's childhood nickname, she dreamed of publishing her book for years. Recent encouragement by a friend's success with publishing and becoming a grandmother motivated her leap of faith in publishing a children's book. Mary is inspired to enhance her toddler grandson's learning and to provide a tool for other parents and grandparents to use in satisfying their children's thirst for knowledge about nature and other phenomena in their world.The book starts with Netta Poo walking into her backyard, stepping into an adventure just a few feet from her house. At first, she screams when a ladybug lands on her shoe, but when her mother comes to her aid, the adventure begins.Netta Poo is a curious four-year-old, and like most children would, she's quick to ask her mother questions about the ladybug, the spiders, the butterflies, the frogs, and other creatures they encounter as they walk through the yard. The conversation between Netta Poo and her mother is the start of her exploration in the world and living creatures around her, and her curiosity gets stronger with every outdoor discovery.

--Mary Foreman Goodson

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