Never Give Up : Part 1

There is no doubt in my mind that even as we meet, you are going through some type of trial, disappointment, frustration, and you are feeling like you are all alone. You feel as if there is no hope. There are a lot of emotions going on right now, and there are all kinds of voices running through your head, telling you that you don't belong and that you are not wanted and you are not loved. There are thoughts of suicide and there are thoughts of wanting to get back at the ones that have hurt you and caused you pain.

Stop listening to those voices and focus your full undivided attention on this book that I have dedicated to you. I can feel what you are going through and what you are thinking at this very moment. I have been where you are today. There is hope if you don't give up.

You want to give up on life. You don't feel worthy of anything. You blame others for your problems. Others blame you for their problems. People don't seem to understand you especially your family, friends, and significant others. You feel that no one loves you and no one really cares.

You feel that you do not deserve to be loved. Others have made you feel like less than. You feel ugly, fat, and unattractive. You feel too skinny and unattractive. Others call you names. People are laughing at you and teasing you. People have said that you are a misfit, and you are starting to believe all those negative things that others have said about you.

When I wrote this book, I really did have you in mind. I have been where you are and I know that there is hope for you as there was hope for me. I encourage you to hold on because things will get better and the simple fact that you have decided to read this book that I wrote it is an indication that you want help.

I pray that my book will encourage you and turn you in another direction of hope and knowing that you have everything to live for and know that no matter how tough the storms get and how bad the problem may seem, there is hope and there are brighter days ahead for you if you don't give up.

Read and enjoy.

--June L. Myrick