New Covenant Tithe

The tithe today is a most misunderstood topic! Many have relegated it to a thing of the past (as outdated), while others have misunderstood and misapplied its meaning and practice in the church today. This book will attempt to explain the tithe from strictly a New Covenant perspective. For most, who teach in favor of the tithe for today, do so from the Old Testament writings. It is rare to find those who teach the tithe from the New Testament. Many believe the New Testament writings have nothing to say about the tithe, while others apply the tithe today from an Old Covenant Perspective. In this book we will show how the tithe is for today, and a very important part of New Covenant giving. This revelation of the New Covenant tithe is a Pauline revelation. Many see the tithe as only belonging to the Law of Moses. In this book, we will show from the New Testament that the tithe belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. My hope in writing this book is that those who believe the tithe is not for the New Covenant will come to understand its importance in today\'s church; and others who apply the tithe to the letter of the law will come to understand the tithe today as operating under faith alone. The tithe is timeless, found in Christ from the foundation of the world, expressed through the faith of Abraham, and immortalized in the Law of Moses: today the tithe has come full circle, from Christ to Abraham, through Moses, and now returning back to Christ. Just as Moses was given the plans of the tabernacle upon the holy mount, God inspired Abraham\'s faith to tithe the spoils of war. This same tithe was commemorated in the Law of Moses as a shadow of those greater things to come found in the person, life, work, ministry, and passion [death, resurrection, and ascension] of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the tithe according to the revelation of Jesus Christ.

--Curtis Schulze

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