New Home For Buffy: Buffy Learns How To Be Responsible

The true story in this book was written by Kathy Creaser, an experienced elementary school teacher for more than twenty years. She mentored young students in the Northeast Kingdom of the state of Vermont. She tells the story of Buffy, who moved from an apartment in the city to the farm of Kathy's parents in Northern Vermont. There, Buffy grew from a frisky, curious, adventurous, and at times destructive puppy to learn how to become a responsible working farm animal. The events described in this book are based upon actual farm happenings observed by Kathy. For example, how Buffy learned from the cows to drink water from the cows' mechanized water bowls. This is a story of Buffy's growth into a responsible cow dog.

Illustrations in this book are all reproduced from original art by Herbert Nelson (born 1942, died 2006). Herbert was born in a dairy farm in New Hampshire, where he absorbed the images of farm life, including the various moods of the changing seasons and farm animals. He was educated at Tufts University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree, and did further study in commercial art at the Boston Museum School, graduating in 1965. He preferred oil painting the landscapes of New England, but also experimented in modern art. He designed and painted many sets for theatrical plays. His art was exhibited at the watercolor Art Festival, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and the museum school Boit show. This book depicts scenes like those he experienced living in the farm.

Compiling and editing of this book was accomplished by Herbert's brother, Richard Nelson, who also shared many experiences with his brother as they grew up on dairy farms in New England and in the state of Washington. Richard dedicates this book to the hardworking farm families of the United States that provide food for our tables every day.

--Richard Nelson