Satan marched into the presence of God, demanding permission to attack the family. He accused them of being frauds and phonies, insisting his attack would end with the parents cursing God to his face. God refused Satan's full demands, but gave him permission to use their daughter, Andie, in any way he chose.

Andie and her family never saw it coming. They were ordinary everyday people, living their lives like everyone else. Until it happened.

The attack was vicious, depraved, and blood-thirsty.

We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. Our battle is with Satan's demonic terrorist organization. This adversary is massive in size and highly organized, with centuries of experience perfecting its weapons. And Satan's demons are invisible.

If you experience an attack of Satan, you will not see his demons before, during, or after the assault. You will be taken by complete surprise. And nothing will prepare you for the scope of the vicious destruction he unleashes.

Nightmare serves as a warning to all Christians. Pay attention to the instructions in Ephesians chapter six. Without God and his guardian angels, you do not want to experience the monster and his nightmare.

--Warren Watkins and Cheri Watkins