No Coincidences with God

Our lives sometimes seem random and driven by happenings to us and around us. Yes. Maybe like the saying "blown by the wind."

No Coincidences with God is meant to show the reader that God is always looking out for us, saved and unsaved alike. We go through hard times as God attempts to woe us to himself. Our need is for a savior because, at birth, our natural sinful nature draws us away from him. God will use whatever is necessary to turn us around to see him again. These cords that draw us are common to all, though we may not be conscious of them.

Every story included here happened as we have lived it. Some of the happenings were more scary than others and, some, as rainbows and kisses in life. One does not see them beginning to end but must walk through with whatever mustard seed of faith we are able to apply at each and every step.

For you now willing to examine your own life, please read on and enjoy!

--Jo An Dunn