No One Told Me Marriage Is A Ministry

Marriage, no one showed me, no one counseled me, no one told me, it would be like this. Why, why, why, did I have to learn the hard way that marriage is a ministry?

One night after a huge fight I was done; my bags were packed and I was leaving. But God said, "No!" I asked God, "Why didn't someone tell me about marriage?" He said, "You didn't ask."

As you read this book you will get a deeper understanding of the four phases of marriage and what it takes to minister to each other through each phase.

About the Author

Dr. Francine Dent is an anointed woman of God. She's dedicated to doing and abiding in the will of God as a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, counselor, teacher, pastor, and author. She is married to Pastor L. Alphonso Dent, a wonderful godly man of faith.

Her ministry began in 1978, having served on a variety of auxiliaries until she was called to ministry in February 1986 and began teaching, preaching, and conducting women's retreats and workshops. Many have been blessed, healed, and delivered from New York to Georgia.

Dr. Dent's greatest accomplishment, other than preaching, has been developing and implementing a four-year Biblical Counseling Training Program, CEO of Agape Christian Counseling and Crisis Center, and becoming an author.

She attended Northern Virginia Community College, Prince George's Community College, Washington Bible College for her undergraduate studies, and Faith Christian University and Schools, where she completed her Master's and PhD in Philosophy in Christian Counseling. She is also a Licensed Professional Christian Therapist.

Dr. Dent published her first book in 2011 entitled No More Chains Holding Me. Through her book, No More Chains Holding Me, she addresses how to break the chains of physically, emotionally, and verbally abused, and give hope to those who yet stayed and stayed thinking there will never be a way out. She explains how to get free, and be free in Christ, who has made us free.

Her second book is Heart to Heart Meditations, which is comprised of daily devotions written by her deceased mother and her to not only inspire the readers but also allow them to reflect on what the message means through a series of questions.

--Francine Dent, Ph.D