No Weapon - Overcoming PTSD

This book is dedicated to all of God’s children who have experienced challenges arising from mental illnesses. I have dealt with individuals afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia, and I have personally recovered from PTSD. Mental illness is a subject we find difficult to talk about due to fear of rejection and fear of loss of respect, as well as the shame associated with the stereotypes many people have inflicted on people suffering from various mental illnesses. There are many people in the church, as well as out of the church, suffering from mental illnesses and are coping with family members with various mental illnesses. The intent of this book is to shed light on the darkness mental illness is inflicting in our American society, as well as the world, and help our understanding and encourage many to believe God can and will deliver/heal many afflicted with various mental illnesses. Many people from all walks of life are talking more openly and hopefully more positive outcomes will be experienced for many.

--Tony Hindman

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