Now I Know I Am Not Alone: A true story of cancer, every-day miracles and hope

Frank Danza is an ordinary business executive. As he approached his fiftieth birthday, he lived what many might consider a "charmed" life: great career, happy marriage, two beautiful and talented daughters, and hopes for an early retirement. In the blink of an eye, that life was challenged with an unexpected diagnosis of a rare and deadly cancer.

After a deeply spiritual and personal encounter some six years after his diagnosis and surgery, Frank began to wonder how he was able to thus far "beat the odds." Why was he still alive? He realized that he had made some unusual decisions during the course of his life that might hold the answer to his questions. How was it that he decided, against his better judgment, to pursue a career in healthcare consulting at a firm that he never intended to join? Why did he make the unlikely decision to accept a position at a not-for-profit healthcare system where he learned about the cancer that would later invade his body months before it happened? From the surgeon that would eventually save his life? How did he come to develop an unpredictable friendship with a healer who taught him how to be a better husband and father, and that the mind can heal the body and who facilitated his deeply spiritual and personal encounter with our Blessed Mother?

In Now I Know I Am Not Alone, Frank Danza makes the compelling case that through divine intervention, he was inspired to make uncanny decisions throughout his life that prepared him for his cancer diagnosis, surgery, and treatment. He shares six specific stories, recounting events in his life that each culminated in what he describes as "miracle-inspired decisions." These everyday miracles led him through a life path that would save his life decades after they began and make him a better husband, father, and friend. The more we learn about his life, the more we come to understand that miracle-inspired decisions don't only happen to Frank; they are gifts offered to all of us. His stories require us all to ponder the profound gift of free will, consider the reality of a superior being, and embrace our innate ability to choose hope over despair even in the most dire of circumstances.

--Frank Danza