Oh How a Mother Worries

My father died when I was just ten years old, so I always thought I would not be on the planet for a long time. Working as a nurse during COVID-19, I was even more anxious about my life expectancy and the safety of my daughter.I know God doesn't want me to worry, yet ever since I became a mother, that just seems to come with the territory. I've only been a mother for twelve years, and I haven't slept well since!This book was written for her as a guidebook to remind her of all the things I've been telling her about being safe, healthy, and happy but not quite sure she was listening! In fact, she even admits to only hearing a portion of what I say.The stories are meant to instill joy in knowing that we are not alone, which I thought of naming this book but figured surely that title was already taken.God wants us to be happy, but we may have some difficult lessons along the way, but He has a plan for us. We will have ups and downs, but if we keep the faith and make positive choices, then we will have everything we need. We may even have a few things we want.God is ever present, and for that, we are blessed.

--Laura Kenda

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