Okay God, Let's Talk: A daily devotional for early readers and their parents

For children—and even for some adults—the Bible can be a large, intimidating, and confusing book. For some, their only activity with the Bible is taking it to Sunday school to earn a sticker or other token.The Bible is God’s Word, God speaking to us. Reading it allows us to hear what God is saying to us. But how can you get a young student to read it? And if you do, isn’t it too confusing for that age group? And if you do get them to read it, can you as a parent or guardian explain to a first, second, third, or fourth grader what the verses say?Reading the Bible should be a conversation between God and us. Not only do we need to read God’s Word, but in our conversation with him, we also need to respond in prayer. The two go together.Okay, God, Let’s Talk aids in all of these areas. It gets the child involved in looking up and reading the verse of the day in his or her own Bible. It is a reading exercise as well as a Bible exercise. Each verse has a short commentary written for the parent or guardian to explain what the verse says. Also included each day is a place for the child to write his or her prayer request; hence, it becomes a conversation.Fifteen minutes each day, sharing God’s Word with your child can transform young lives and build strong parent or guardian relations. Okay, God, let’s talk.

--Tim Osterlund