...on your way home...Do this...

...on your way home, Do This... begins in the '60s, now seemingly many years past. They have been tumultuous years. On his birthday in 1963, Fr. Six, then a life insurance agency manager, was training an agent when the car radio announced that President Kennedy had been killed. In incredibly quick succession, Vietnam, civil rights demonstrations. In seminary, he marched for Voting Rights legislation in Washington. His first Palm Sunday sermon was Palm Sunday 1968, two days after the shooting death of Martin Luther King. Peace demonstrations. Drugs. Abortion. The Nixon years. Gender issues. Families growing up as societal values are challenged and changed. Impeachments and wars""how many wars has it been?

His experience as a priest during this time involved nearly every major issue and its effect on people individually, familial, and societal. He writes as one with a perspective of society, both as participant and as an observer.

He wrote this book not desiring to write an autobiography. Rather, it is offered more as a look at the lives that he witnessed changed by the experiences in their lives. In doing so, he came to learn that his life changed by what he witnessed happening in his life and in the lives of others. He had to understand that he was also in the story. His hope for his readers is the same understanding: we are all in the story as participants and observers.

--George Six