One Guy and a Briefcase

This book is for Seventh-day Adventist millennials and all believers, especially those old farts who were born and brought up in the church like me. These are Adventist kids and grown-ups that say "Wait. What? That makes no sense. Who is this Jesus they are presenting? He demands that I know the law, the Sabbath, the sanctuary in heaven, the scary investigative judgment, the mark of the beast, the three angels' messages, about being stranded without an advocate, the fact that Jesus was executed in my place, and the fact that I should revere and obey the Adventist pope""or else." Don't fret. Inside this book, you'll find all the answers, and you will also be surprised by how easy the Gospel is to understand and how much fun it is to be free in Christ. Free yourself from the shackles of organized religion.

--David Johnson

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