One Night in Vegas

This book is about a new adventure—looking for a church and meeting new people, a minister and his wife, and so began my introduction to the Holy Spirit. But trouble is in paradise. The Holy Spirit warned of trouble to come—the Mafia is in the church. The minister is accused of wrong which ultimately leads to his downfall. The church is sold, and people leave with broken spirits.

A false prophet takes over, and Satan’s people worships him. The evil one is a liar and a thief and humiliates people, picking on their weaknesses. The Holy Spirit keeps telling me, “Ask me questions.”

The preacher is drugged by the ex-con and framed at deer-hunting camp in Pennsylvania, forced to launder drug money through the church bank account owned by the Catholic Church. He goes to Las Vegas and is drugged in a restaurant, dragged into the casino, and gambled the church away.

This is his last Sunday at church and shamed by his preacher friends and wives. He is then held hostage at a weed farm, forced to grow weed (sweet Mary Jane) for three years. Eventually he is arrested by Pennsylvania State Police, trialed, and imprisoned.

This is a revelation of the hierarchy of Catholic Church. All roads lead to Rome—the pope!

--Margaret Joan Neale

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