Opening the Door

Separated by nearly two thousand miles, two wounded people are searching for a new start in the wake of devastating loss.

In Upstate New York, Steve, a young man permanently injured in a tragic accident, plays the piano as therapy while building his house.

In Texas, Barbara, a single mother with two young children, is broken by a painful season of physical disability and betrayal. She looks to the Bible and finds inspiration to write music that helps to heal her broken heart.

Their tragedies has brought them to despair, but through the saving faith in Jesus Christ, their lives are redeemed. Each has surrendered to God’s provision for a companion in life. Serving the Lord and seeking God for guidance, they commit themselves in prayer to wait for God’s answer for a life mate.

Years has passed, and both are unsure of what the future holds. Their resolve to wait for God’s provision is tested, often wondering if God can do the seemingly impossible task of restoring their broken lives and provide an answer to their prayers for a godly mate. An incredible journey awaits them as God guides them and gives answers to their innermost desires and prayers. They experience the clear direction of God in the most personal and tangible ways.

This is the true story of how faith in a loving God, trust in his plan, and perseverance in prayer yield an amazing result. This is a tale of God’s sovereign grace and his specific answers to the prayers of two people that allow him to guide them into the new life that awaits them. They are opening the door to a new life in God’s will.

--Barbara Lippincott-Lonsky

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