Organizational Teamsmanship: The Comprehensive Operational and Leadership Model That Engages All Employees at All Levels

Focus on High Personal Performance PLUS Desire to Assist Others to Succeed EQUALS Teamsmanship

In the wake of the industrial revolution, social scientists studied the mysteries inherent with strong organizational profitability and employee satisfaction. Research is replete with observations and studies revealing that the strongest positive industrial performances of each of two factors. First, employees must continually understand all goals of organizational management. Management must be resolute in ensuring employee development (including talent management) and importantly, employee satisfaction. The challenge has been how to achieve the two goals under one model.

For hundreds of years, theorists have offered a variety of interesting, credible, and affective theories. As the world entered the last decade of the twentieth century, domestic and global markets were enmeshed with unparalleled technological breakthroughs. These developments ranged from the internet and its continuing derivate to the complexities of international business. Unfortunately, for much of the world, life remains tumultuous and even dangerous.

This Organizational Teamsmanship model was perceived as a natural fruition of both the author's fifty-year diverse business career and fifteen years as a member of graduate-business faculties. Credibility for this book includes related formal education, including an MBA/corporate finance and Doctoral Degree/organizational leadership. Find out how employees and management overcome all challenges and emerge as industrial top performers.

--Joel Ginsburg