Origins: Mankind's Forgotten History and His Story Revealed

Origins: Mankind’s Forgotten History and His Story Revealed is a title with two meanings. When you read the title And His Story Revealed, the reader will automatically think that the story of mankind’s forgotten history will be told to them, and indeed it will. What the reader will also come to realize is the book title has a double meaning.

The second meaning of His Story Revealed is the life story and meaning of the life of Christ. In the chapter “Who is Jesus?”, Arthur John Manuel will explain who Jesus is and all the answers for the question why Jesus was. He will explain in detail all the reasons why, it will explain Mary and Joseph in detail and the lineage so the reader can understand exactly why Christ had to be born through the love/union of these two people.

He will also explain the importance of the blood and the life sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our high priest and savior. As the reader continues on, he will read about the creation periods on earth and of men. This new method of explanation will agree with all the evidence in the world around us today, and it will fit in the pieces to the puzzle of our forgotten history, remnants of a once glorious past left behind as evidence of a forgotten history.

Author John Manuel will explain Genesis and the creation period in a new light that completely agrees with the evidence left behind and those forgotten ancient cultures. The skeptic will definitely reconsider his skepticism after reading this new method of explanation. This is where the title’s first reading comes into play, Mankind’s Forgotten History. This chapter will tell the story of mankind’s forgotten history.

Have you ever wondered about evil spirits and the meaning of a spiritual world? Well, John Manual will explain where they come from and who evil and unclean spirits were and their goals. He’ll explain of the rules they must live by, the power we have over them through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, a short summary on how to do battle against them, with the prayer of spiritual cleansing body, mind, and soul. And after, the reader will understand that spirits and mankind coexist in our physical world.

Ever wondered about angels? The author explains these angelic race of beings who are the sons of God, where they were created by God. Note that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. This book will explain the difference in this chapter. The reader will learn of the forgotten path of earth, preflood, and the role angels played against Satan and his forces of evil in mankind’s forgotten history.

Have you ever wondered of an ancient world? This book will explain logically who God is, how he created us, why we were created. When you read about how the author explains why mankind is missing the last steps of our own evolution because of greed, you’ll agree with the fact that mankind has not evolved, and the past 8,000 years of technological advances does not mean we have. An atheist will question his own belief.

And last, author John Manuel will argue the fact that Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah using father Abraham and his actions for sanctification examples.

I’ll stop there. If you want to know more you must first read this entire book.

To the readers from the author:

Hello my friend. I just first want to say thank you for purchasing the book. I want to encourage you to buy it for all who don’t believe in God. We all have loved ones we care about, and we want them to enjoy eternity with our maker and our savior. This book is written from above. Believe me when I say this, when I write, I’m only writing what I’ve been shown and taught through visions and dreams. Although I may be the author, and my name is on this book, God gets all the credit. Remember always, God worked and then he rested when he created earth and everything in it. So we must first work to enter into his rest. This life that we have is our only chance to work for him. Once it is over, that’s it. No work will be done, ever. I urge you work hard for God and win souls for Christ. He died for all souls. He deserves every one of them. Work for him in this life, invest in your eternal life so you can enjoy the splendor of your reward—an eternal life with the heavenly trinity on a new earth, forever and ever. God bless you all.

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--John Manuel