Our FatherS Who Art in Heaven: Life Lessons from My Father

Nothing can replace the influence that a father has in the life of his child. A daughter looks to her father as a measure to gauge the man she will ultimately offer herself as a life-mate in matrimony. A son looks to his father as a role model to whom he one day will become.

God has given us the ideal blueprint of a father through His word and His daily interactions with we, His children. Our heavenly Father begins His relationship by assuring each of us that He loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus. It is through His relationship with Jesus that a good father begins to mirror his relationship with his children. Certainly, mine did!

I was completely blessed to have a loving earthly father who, unbeknownst to me, was ushering me into eternal relationship with our heavenly Father. But on April of 2007, my entire life changed when my best friend, my mentor, my pastor, my father died.

Our FatherS Who Art in Heaven is a collection of life lessons that I learned from my earthly father and the biblical revelations our heavenly Father has given to help better understand those life lessons.

Every day, God is speaking to us through His word to teach, lead, and prepare us for all of the trials life brings. Whether your father is still present in the flesh or sainted with the Lord, this book will reveal the plan of unconditional love of both an earthly and a heavenly father that has been prepared for you.

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--Rodric Reid