Our Friends of the Universe

Historically and currently in the United States, childhood obesity has grown to epic proportions and is a deep concern. It has further been determined that this disorder involving excess body fat increases the risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and even blindness. It has been pointed out that our diets, eating habits, and lack of exercise contribute to child and adult obesity. The extreme importance of this issue is the motivation for my humble efforts to illustrate in Our Friends of the Universe, how uniquely God designed the different parts of the universe to work together for our benefit. God has provided much of the nutrition we need to come directly from Mother Nature, and that is the reason for my choice of content in this book. I believe that both the educational information and the revelation of God’s unique design of the universe are anointed to increase awareness to a few natural healthy food options that have a wealth of health benefits; health benefits that will give additional nutrition to all readers, and provide a stronger foundation for good health in children at an earlier age to last them a lifetime!

--James H. Donald