Our Godly Heritage: From William Penn to Donald Trump

Contrary to what we've been told recently, our history is by no means secular. It is rich with the influence of God's hand and God's word. His presence is apparent in the documents of our government, on the memorials we cherish most, in our government buildings, in our art, and in the words and writings of our greatest leaders.

In a time when our culture is spiraling downward into a moral abyss, we have lost touch with God. We have fashioned a moral vacuum into which all manner of depravity is allowed to rush in, while any trace of virtue, God, or the Holy Scriptures is consciously sucked out.

There has never been greater need than today for our people to hear the truth of our godly heritage. There has never been a greater need than today for our people to hear that truth reaffirmed by their leaders.

--Rick Saccone, PhD

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