Our Next Steps: New Strength

Life has a lot to do with having energy. Our body being able to produce good energy from what we take in on a daily basis is critical to the health of our body, mind, and spirit; they're all linked whether we acknowledge that fact or not.

It doesn't matter if you're poor or rich, what color, what race, what culture, or what religion""we all have the same natural body, and it needs natural sources of energy.

Author- I've given a bird's eye view of where we are as planet and species because knowing is half the battle. I've also lit up the path in the right direction because doing something about it is the other half. It's better to crawl in the right direction than the run in the wrong.

Andre Gilbert has developed a literary contribution that delves into serious issues that distort the emotional and physical health of humanity today. Simply put, the doors are opened into worlds that are seldom addressed and hardly ever resolved. Hippocrates Health Institute, which I have had the privilege to direct since 1980, like Andre, believe that one must make significant change in attitude and lifestyle to become whole happy and well.

When using this book as a guide to reformulate and organize your life, the results will be magnificent. Th ere is one thing for sure, few people have been as spot on as Gilbert in his approach to wellbeing.

Be well,

""Brian R. Clement, PhD, LN, Directo

--Andre Gilbert