Our Story with God: A One-Year Devotional Study of the Bible

Ever since high school, Brian W. McClain has worked in children’s ministry. After nearly two decades of training up the next generation of believers, however, he began to realize that most of the children and preteens he taught knew many of the individual teachings of the Bible without understanding the singular message of its story. The standard quarterly format that is used in so many churches served to instruct about individual concepts and lessons but lacked a unified thread to help students grasp how everything fit together.

This devotional was born out of that realization. First shared as a weekly audio blog on his personal website, www.Geographist.com, and later made available on various podcast platforms, this book is ideal for the young believer who wants to put together the pieces of God’s story, for the new Christian who wants to better understand God’s Word, and for the teacher who wants to share the Bible with students as a single book.

--Brian W. McClain

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