Out of Time

Journalist Stuart Thomas has just received an email telling him he is out of time. Not recognizing the sender, he deletes the message only to meet the sender later that morning.

Out of Time is a story about the beginning of the end of the world. Stuart has been called to be a messenger of God to the remnant, Christian believers.

Stuart has a team of friends who are willing to assist him in discovering who and how the self-proclaimed world leader, Kronos, is going to control the world. Is Kronos developing a new virus? Will he release it globally? Can Stuart and friends be God’s messenger in this time?

Out of Time<./i> will give you cause to pause and consider—is this really possible?The plot has its share of twists and turns and a little hint at romance.

There are those who say God is coming back. Out of Time proposes that we are at the beginning of the end.

--James S. Barney

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