Pathway To Greatness

We were made with the intention of being great! Everything about us revolves around greatness! My hope is that this book will inspire you to reach greatness. To live a life that is fulfilling, a life that is full of compassion and forgiveness and kindness. These are just a few areas that this book will cover as you are on your journey toward greatness! I am fully convinced that greatness is within every person we come in contact with daily. You were designed to be the best version of yourself, to become greater! In this book, I share more personal stories of my life, both the highs and lows. Pathway to Greatness will take you to areas where you can improve on your journey to living the greater life that God intended for you to live. Growing up in poverty did not define who I am today! Thank God he meant for me to be greater! Growing up without set me for where I am today, thankful and grateful for every gift he has blessed me with. Pathway to Greatness will have you believing that you too was made for greatness!

--Johnny Martinez-Carroll

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