Patricia: Trinity Academy Trilogy Book 2

Trinity Academy, one of the best career schools in the United Planets, is set up with three programs of training-it is one of a kind. But some say the school has forgotten its past and the foundation it was built on. Now, for the second year, a student from each of the three founding families will be attending the academy. However, one student may not be allowed to stay. There is still something or someone drawing these students together to save the academy.

Patricia is looking forward to summer until her father says she can't return to the Trinity Academy for the next school year. To save her chance of returning, Patricia agrees to go back to the academy for the whole summer, along with her friends Aurora and Andrew. With all the changes made necessary for the protection and upgrades to the academy, Patricia and her friends, including two other tri-groups, will have their work cut out for them during the summer. Even with Headmaster Hendricks gone, the friends still run into danger with people now trying to kidnap them, looking for information to take control of the academy. They all will need their Bible lessons and the help of their AI, David, more than ever if they are going to figure out what to do to save themselves and the academy.

--Danielle Grubb