Paul in Clear English

For the first time in nearly two thousand years, Paul's fourteen letters can be read and understood in clear English. Most translations leave lingering questions as to what was meant, why it was said, or how it fits contextually. Conventional translations have gone as far as they can go and only an amplified meaning can bridge the gap to full understanding. This amplified meaning uses the traditional biblical terminology wherever possible without resorting to modern jargon. When you have read this work, you will have understood the text. The rest is up to you.

"A number of years ago, Dr. Walter Martin was speaking to a small pastor's group and mentioned that his Mentor, G. Campbell Morgan, said that ministers should "Get the hay down out of the hayloft onto the floor so people can chew it." That is what Ron Banuk is seeking to do in this book with the Epistles of Paul." Pastor Tom Bailey New Vine Fellowship Washington

--Ron Banuk