Peabody: The Pea Who Loves Everybody: Meet Peabody

Peabody: The Pea Who Loves Everybody is a series about a character that chooses to follow God's Word in making everyday decisions. Whether he is faced with doubt, insecurity, or a situation common to children and youth in today's society, Peabody stands on the Word of God. His delightful attitude and correct choices exemplify Christ's Love to all. Peabody chooses to speak life and respond with kindness when faced with opposition.

This series was created to teach children God's Word and truth in a fun and relatable way. Each story is based on a biblical truth and will include a scripture and prayer for your child to repeat. The rhyming words and adorable characters make this book perfect for first readers while the bright colors and shapes will appeal to babies and toddlers.

In Peabody: The Pea Who Loves Everybody; Meet Peabody, the most important of all scriptures is highlighted. This series is kicked off with the theme of God's Love as Peabody is faced with a very important decision. Jesus tells us in Matthew 22:37""39 to "love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind, while loving others as ourselves." Will Peabody choose to love when faced with adversity and hurtful words?

--D. F. Holloway