People Are Ruled through Ethic to Develop and Control: And You Thought You Knew

This is the summary of the works that is designed after thirty years of research. It describes events and truths which will enable you to live a better life. A reflection of history which is certain to be repeated as we are educated on how things work and what it will take to make life work for us. Thus, we know and believe that education is the way to achieve a better life, and we accept this as the standard for a better way of life. This is the truth, however, educated on what? This book will examine the rules and the result of your belief in a system that will yield you exactly what you want out of life. That the truth is the only standard in life, and through the truth, your life will flourish for those who can understand it, embrace it, and share it with others to improve their way of life.

--Tommie Simpson Hinton