Perception Determines Reception

Perception Determines Reception expresses the importance of possessing a clear understanding of the word of God, devoid of religiosity and the traditions of men. This composition also presents the Bible from the perspective of the last will and testament of the Christ, the Testator. In addition, this book shares God’s love for mankind and his covenant promises, plans, and purposes for his family—the church. This book provides the biblical meaning of covenant, faith, hope, and righteousness in order to legally activate the kingdom of God in the believer. In short, this composition emphasizes the principles of the message Jesus ministered. The convictions of a number of the apostles are reflected as well, in their proclamation of that same kingdom message, the gospel. One’s growth in Christ and one’s effectiveness in the ministering of Christ are based on the personal commitment—the establishment of a personal relationship with the Godhead. This written exposition will definitely stir up the conviction to increase in the Christ lifestyle, as you most certainly will be inspired to pursue, overtake, and recover all. Each chapter of this book will command your attention until the last closing paragraph; simply speaking, it is a good read for inspiration, enrichment, and spiritual growth.

--Dr. Bonis E. Byrd Jr.