Perceptions of the Imagine Nation: Pages of Poems, Puzzles, Riddles and Rhymes, & Even a Joke at Times

After the accident, I became a strict believer in the Almighty, believing the accident happened for a reason to change the sights I had for a useful life instead of being an architect that I went to school for and now forgotten. I would now have to look into some new direction. I had some writing experience to look at. I was going to Bible study groups once or twice a week, reading and working on what we read about, with some writing to sum up what was taught. In this writing, I started recreational work as to poetry. Some of this work was of thought "given," religious poems that had good themes. The time and place, I don't know what it means. There, a thought given is usually written,

Reasoning for life is usually explained; thought for actions is then remained.

As one to another time is a fence, actions portrayed some of defense,

The mind was one that was given, the thought within is retained from living.

A purpose has reason for a maker to see, sometimes your action is reason to be.

Other times a purpose is that not in sight, making the choice not being right.

Then again, age is a factor for how you choose, more in sight to win or to lose.

Reasoning is many times unexplained, but a good thought was unrefrained.

A thought in practice becomes a choice made; a mistake made is one to invade.

Life is like a gamble then you die. Don't rock any cradle; don't make 'em cry.

Live trying to give back to life; don't let it show. Love the beast; don't let it know.

Have peace "for life" killing is banned. See the other side; I hear it's grand!

Death is the last step we take; I hope you make it for both of our sakes.

All of his instructions were given; your part is in the living.


Earth is our onetime school; to learn God's love, obey his rule.

All for our gain to love and learn, graduate in death prepared for our turn!

Exclaimed with the happiness to see and rejoice, spirit lives have a voice.

Heard for eternity, his promise fulfilled, that with action thought prewilled.

You lived for a reason instead of gain in pleasing


The End of Book 1


The Real Nation

Book 2 is further in-depth,

More of a mind being prepped,

For the soul to be swept

Up, for God knows you cared.

--Gerald Anthony Piché