Playing the Tribal Card

Over the course of human existence, various cultures, traditions, and languages arose from the building of the Tower of Babel as described in the book of Genesis chapter 11. The diversity of cultures and traditions in the world today have made people serve God through the eyes of man and not the way God want to be truly honored.

This book cuts across many religious differences in the service of God, resulting from different cultures and practices of men, cutting across countries like Nigeria, United Kingdom, and the United States. The world, although global, is also a small village and moving from one nation to another can either change the thinking of man through the acquisition of new knowledge or the dethronement of the knowledge already resident in man.

A general picture of this book shows how cultural groups started and how traditions of men end up creeping into the church of Christ and dethrones the true laws of God and ends up satisfying the sinful nature of men who are not watchful.

--Cynthia Egbujo