Poems for Living Longer and Popping Out of the Aging Box

Some of the poems in Poems for Living Longer or Popping Out of the Aging Box are:

- "What if You Live Two Hundred Years?"

- "How Long Do You Think You'll Live?"

- "The Master and the Acolyte"

- "In Pursuit of Longevity"

- "The Song of Methuselah"

- "The Basics of Longevity"

Longevity's Daily Lexicon:

- "Mornings and Maintaining"

- "Noontimes and Nutrition"

- "Evenings and Eros"

- "Isles of Immortality"

- "Ode to Physical Immortality"

- "Perfection is Immortality; Immortality is Perfection"

- "Reaching for Life Extension"

- "Tidal Pools and Living to 150"

- "The Basics of Life Extension or Near Immortality"

- "Ode on a Trip to Meet the Immortals"

- "Ode to Ambrosia"

- "Rejuvenation in Atlantis"

- "The Rejuvenator's Song"

- "The Great Ring of Universal Laws"

- "The Song of Karma," and many more.

--Bob Guth