Poetic Expressions of Gallantry

Gallantry inspires one to be expressive. Acknowledging ones sense of thoughts using the gifts of God: mind to think, eyes to see, ears to hear, emotions to feel, hands to touch, feet to carry, voices to motivate.

Facing the mirror of oneself, surfacing the good and positive, changing the negative. Strengthen the weakness, the chaining up the badness, releasing the fear, sculpturing, polishing, oneself to be complete.

Stay true to oneself.

About the Author

Steven Moning's grandmother's fiftieth wedding anniversary moved him to express himself in words. He wrote a poem and recited it for that occasion. From then on, events that took place in the family circle moved him to express his thoughts with words.

These words began to flow gallantly, so he felt maybe there was more to these expressions. So as he wrote down thoughts, certain results moved him to put those thoughts into poems. Now they are like past, present, and everyday thoughts. He loved every expression that had its own creative, poetic and original meaning behind it.

Poetry is likened to life in itself. You feel it and experience it, and it moves you to a bonding. There are lessons to be learned, warnings to be shared.

--Steven Moning

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