Pops! A Tall Tale by Winky Rutherford

My dad, Pops to his grandchildren, was sixty-two years old when he passed. He didn't die. Pops conquered life and went to the next level. My wife gave birth that same year. Our daughter was the first grandkid Pops would not get to meet. I felt weak. I couldn't find the right words to speak, until I stumbled on the forgotten tall tales from my youth. These were exaggerated stories written about folk-heroes like Davey Crocket and John Henry. When I wrote about Pops, using the humor I found in these tall tales, the weight was lifted. I was finally able to talk to my daughter about the loss of a loved one and she discovered her grandfather.

Tall tales are written to provoke imagination. This is essential, especially today, with constant stimulation hampering the creative growth in children. A creative imagination is your boarding pass to worlds beyond reach.

Do you have tall tales from your own family? Share them and discover that those we lost, may not be so far away after all!

--Winky Rutherford