Pop's Tractor Is Stuck

Pop's Tractor Is Stuck is based on a true story. The young boy Jeff in the story is the author's father when he was around the ages of nine to ten years old. It takes place in the late 1960s, before cell phones and video games. Young Jeff spent his days at school and helping his grandparents in their general store and ice cream shop. Jeff also played backyard football and baseball. He was often given the task of stocking things such as canned green beans on shelves. On this particular day his mother's father, Pop, gets his tractor stuck by his sweet potato house. Jeff gets to go along with his father and grandfather on this exciting tow truck call. Pop and Jeff share a heartwarming lunch with good sandwiches and funny jokes. Jeff brings love and humor to the story. It's a fun, heartwarming tale of a 104-year-old towing business and the love between grandson, father, sons, and grandfathers. Enjoy!

--Jennifer L.C. Lloyd

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