Portal of Hope Companion

The Companion is your personal assistant, helping you focus on what you will never want to forget through repetition, reflective questions, and practical scenarios. You will discover that the Companion will help you embrace the following four basic themes that are ingrained within Portal of Hope’s roadmap to a life of authentic and effective spiritual growth and ministry:Theme 1—The way in which God wired us at creation reveals who we are, why we are here, and the three main areas of our lives that are transformed as we abide in Christ.Theme 2—The difficulties God allows in our lives are not primarily designed as a challenge to be removed, or a puzzle to be solved, but rather as a “portal” to be entered; enabling us to find Him as He wants to be found.Theme 3—Abiding in Christ enables the heart to remain open to the influence of God and His truth in our lives; preventing it from hardening and cycling into chaos.Theme 4—The heart is not profoundly rescued from a painful past through some psychological formula, but rather through a process of knowing God; giving the heart what it never had the opportunity to experience.Helping you connect with the material you need the most, the Companion is a workbook that delivers a profound learning experience for individual and group study. It is designed to help you digest and apply the wealth of information contained in the book, Portal of Hope, in a way that will be useful for handling those things that are a part of your past, along with any issues you might be facing in the present. The Companion will make it easier for you to harvest the wisdom your heart is needing now.

--Patrick D. Wright